We leverage various IoT Technologies, Frameworks & Platforms to provide comprehensive IT Services & Solutions which help our clients drive business value and innovation. We excel in designing, developing and integrating customized solutions on the IoT Technologies.

We have developed several domain-specific solutions that have helped our clients across various industries like Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, BFSI, Home Automation, etc. to leverage potential benefits of IoT technologies and M2M communication using internet protocol.


What We Can Do In IOT

  • HealthCare – Health & Safety Solutions, Remote Patient Monitoring, Modernize Patient Assistance, etc.
  • Automotive – Fleet Management & Monitoring, Connected Vehicles, Vehicle Tracking, Remote Vehicle Diagnostics, etc.
  • Retail – Smart Shelves, Retail Supply Chain, Delivery Operations, Warehouse Automation, NFC Payment, POS, etc.
  • Manufacturing – Product Asset Management, Connected Factory, Safety / Security, Performance Optimization, etc.
  • Energy – Smart Metering, Asset Performance Management, Energy Distribution, etc.
  • Construction – Tools & Equipment Tracking, Equipment Servicing & Repair, Remote Operation, Inventory Replenishment, etc.
  • Agriculture – Green House Monitoring
  • Home / Office Automation-Light, Appliances Management & Control, Parking Management, Security Management, Water Leakage Detection, etc.
  • Smart City – Smart Street Lights, Traffic Control & Monitoring, Smart Parking, Smart Energy, Surveillance & Security


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