Low code and no-code development

In recent years, there is a shift in how applications are developed. Instead of the traditional method, Enterprises are using low code and no-code development platforms. Platforms offering low code and no-code development are being used to launch applications faster, easier, and cheaper. A survey by KPMG showed a steady rise in low code and […]

Low-Code Development: A threat to IT people?

Recent years have seen a steady rise in the use of Low-Code Development. Some of the major contributors to this rise are digitization, cloud computing, automation, and lockdown in several countries due to COVID 19. These have driven the need for speeding the new application development process. Many enterprises have opted for low-code development as […]

How does Blockchain work in providing decentralized governance of records?

Blockchain, revolutionary technology, has evolved since the last decade and has been a promising finding to work on applications that simplify trusted information management. It’s a general-purpose technology helpful in transactions in decentralized governance of records that consist of land registration, taxation, legal entities management, auditing, voting, notarization, etc. Blockchain is considered a secured database […]

How does NFT acquire value over time?

In the ongoing crypto world, non-fungible tokens, or you can say NFTs, are creating the newest hype. It is one of the digital tokens that hold much importance. It has established its uniqueness because of Blockchain, which fuels cryptocurrency trade today. By understanding the significant importance of NFTs at an earlier stage, one can think […]

Top 5 Applications of Blockchain in the FinTech Sector

Since its appearance in the global economy, blockchain technology has been doing wonders. Needless to specify, blockchain technology has transformed the conventional picture of centralized operations completely. All the sectors are gearing up to sharpen their adaptability with blockchain technology to ensure consistent advancement. The fintech sector is no exception in this case. The global […]

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