What’s new in 2022 in e-commerce and the near future

People have stopped venturing out since the pandemic; they prefer buying everything they need online since it is more convenient and safer. Since people are heavily reliant on e-commerce, businesses have ramped up efforts to make services available to their customers worldwide. Let us look at the biggest e-commerce trends in 2022 and the future.

1. Virtual reality shopping

Shopping online surely adds convenience, but what’s often missing is a personal touch. Advanced technologies such as virtual or augmented reality add just that. Consumers can try out products such as make-up material and fashion accessories online without visiting a physical store. This approach reduces the potential of products being returned for not matching expectations.

2. Drones

Drone delivery will pick up pace after its recent test runs in the past. It is convenient for consumers and reduces costs for businesses since they do not have to depend on delivery personnel. Companies such as DHL, FedEx and UPS Flight Award use drone delivery regularly. The number of businesses that will adapt to drone delivery will increase significantly in 2022.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI improves efficiency by engaging technology such as chatbots to engage in the most common tasks with consumers, such as providing recommendations or fetching certain information. Chatbots provide customers with a live interface 24×7. It is a brilliant piece of tech to keep consumers engaged and ensure that they return.

4. Sustainability and green consumerism

Consumers increasingly become conscious about brands they engage with; they wish to support environment-friendly brands. According to a study, consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products. More brands will be shifting towards eco-friendly practices soon.

5. Conversational shopping

Ecommerce sales through conversational shopping are expected to cross $40 billion in 2022. The integration of voice shopping in Alexa and Siri makes it easier for consumers to buy their favorite products within seconds. For businesses to capitalize on this potential, they must optimize their advertisements accordingly.

6. Omnichannel marketing

It is not unusual to view a product on a certain website, only to find it as an advertisement on social media later. Businesses now improve their marketing potential by reaching out to prospective customers on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Omnichannel marketing translates to maintaining a presence wherever possible to gain maximum revenue. It is a proven marketing method that helps retain older customers and attract newer ones.

7. Video shopping

Soon, more brands will be diving into video shopping marketing strategies. Consumers will be able to buy products directly from the video without navigating to an external website. This approach improves the ROI and clicks rates for the videos too. Major e-commerce brands such as Amazon have already incorporated this marketing strategy into their daily practices.

The afore-mentioned trends in e-commerce are expected to rule the roost in 2022. Companies who wish to leverage the trends to make the most in the domain could bank on an ideal ecommerce development partner like Arche Softronix, and introduce innovations that will define the future. Contact us today to know more.



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