React Native – Efficient Recipe Builder for Cross-Platform App Development

Today, building cross-platform mobile applications are becoming more popular. Thanks to the optimum naïve performance offered by sophisticated frameworks such as React Native. In this article, we will discuss how React Native helps in developing an effective cross-platform mobile application.
Before we delve deep into the topic, let us first understand React Native and cross-platform app.

Understanding React Native

A JavaScript framework that programmers use to write real and natively rendered mobile applications that can run on iOS and Android. Based on React, Facebook’s JavaScript library, the framework target mobile platforms instead of targeting the browser. It is a great framework for professional website developers, as it helps in writing faster and cleaner mobile applications with the comfort of a single JavaScript codebase.

Salient Features of the Framework

Native Framework

One of the things that surprise people is that React is originally “native.” While other JavaScript-for-mobile approaches wrap the code in a glorified web view and re-implement some native UI behavior, such as animations, React comes with its appearance and handles the rendering for you. In addition, react has a clean abstraction layer that separates the function.

Handling Multiple Platforms

With React Native, you can gracefully handle multiple platforms. Most of the APIs associated with React are of diverse platforms, distinctly different from each other, but it combines them to make your work easier and faster. However, you will need to write one React Native component that will work on iOS and Android.

Understanding Cross-Platform App

Cross-platform development includes the practice of developing software products and services for numerous software platforms or environments. The practice is effective as it saves time and offers a futuristic approach. For example, experts often associate React Native with cross-platform development due to its remarkable features.

Importance of Cross-platform Application Development

  • Wider audience: When you leverage a cross-platform, you can build and deploy your app on multiple platforms using the web. With a single app, you can target both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Native-like apps: The cross-platform technology delivers native-like apps. The developers can build their apps similar to the native apps.
  • Saved deployment cost: You need to write the content once, and you can run it everywhere. With reusable codes and agile app development, you will save much on your deployment cost.

Why Choose React Native for Cross-Platform App Development?

Enlisted are the reasons why React Native is the best choice for cross-platform app development.

  • The framework offers better stability to the applications than other frameworks.
  • React Native comes with a modular architecture and a better coding system than other frameworks for cross-cultural development.
  • You enjoy warranties for optimal performance.
  • It comes with multiple in-built and pre-loaded elements that make the coding process easier.
  • Being a developer, you enjoy the flexibility in application development.

Top Benefits of Developing Cross-Platform App on React Native

Hot Reload

It is one of the most special benefits of React Native, which allows a developer to refresh the application doing its development stage. Thus, it speeds up the development time, as it naturally reloads the application with the change in the codes. Moreover, you can opt for live tracking and see all the changes made to the app. Furthermore, it fetches real-time data and updates UI and structure content.

Third-Party Plugins

Unlike other frameworks, React Native allows developers to include third-party plugins. Besides, the framework offers flexibility and customizations as developers enjoy the benefit of feasible interfaces with tailored options for changing themes and templates.

Offers a Better Developer Experience

React Native offers a much stronger developer experience than standard iOS and Android development. As your application includes mostly JavaScript, you get maximum benefits for web development. With the framework, you can instantly “refresh” and view the changes you made in the codes. Moreover, you have access to intelligent error reporting and standard JavaScript debugging tools that make your web development much easier.


If you are planning for cross-platform app development, there is no better option than React Native. It offers you several benefits that put the developers at ease in creating several cross-platform applications.



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