Challenges of Offshore Development

Offshore development is an increasing trend, which surfaces challenges observed. Offshore development has major factors like trust and honesty. When you are assigning work to the development team who is not working in your geography tracking of work depends on reports and communication by the team. Hence, the trust of assigner and honest of executioner is of prime importance.


1) Cultural Difference

With the different geographical locations, culture differs due to which time zone, language, demographics, holidays, working patterns and few unsaid cultural difference crop up. It is an interesting challenge although not un-addressable. Identification of resources while assigning projects in the right manner can help development centres to mitigate it. Language compatibility is prime as that is the primary way of communication with distant working. Resource expectations should be well aligned with the client expectations for working days & working hours.

2) Process Discipline

Many times client expectations for the discipline of the process are difficult to accommodate in ongoing systems. Generally, every organisation have different working systems, when client expected process discipline varies with ongoing one, it requires realignment along with changes of few interconnected threads, which disturbs in-house working and inter-related processes, at times for different clients, which at times is like walking on a tight rope.

3) Unrealistic Expectations

This is applicable at both ends, the client as well as at the development centres. When a client wants quality they should be willing to spend right, many times the bargaining leads to poor quality by the service provider. Certain cost is non-compromising, but when the client does not want to spend, service providers have to manage the basic cost leading to compromise in quality. In the same way, service providers should take the initiative of educating the client for unreasonable cost expectations. When both parties align their expectation challenge of unrealistic expectations gets managed.

4) Complex Structures

At time clients hire more than one service provider and look for multiple providers, which adds up to the communication links leading to a complex structure of communication, coordination, collaboration and cohesiveness. Due to that complete project gets haywire and resulting in a disappointment. Look for one stop solution to have lesser links and simple structure.

Above are the observed challenges and plugging them is possible, with appropriate communication and expectation setting. When trust is a factor of consideration, transparency is must and when honesty is definite transparency provides support. At ASPL our values consist of integrity and client first so the client can rest assured of our honesty & trustworthiness. Looking for offshore development centre we are here to provide you with one-stop solution for software development with resources in multiple geographies giving us the edge to offer a larger working time zone and quicker turnaround.



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