Offshore Development-Why India

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in recent times. A country with a population of more than 1.3 billion consisting of more than 17 % of the world’s population. This leverages India to supply with a plentiful talent. Highlighting here a few top reasons why India is the preferred hub for outsourcing & offshore development projects.

1). Talent Pool: A country with more than 400 universities & 1500 plus research centres, producing 200,000 engineers and an average of 9000 doctors every year. India has a huge potential for technical know-how and education. This makes India a major contributor to offshore development.

2).Communication & Coordination: Language skills of Indian is excellent. They are adaptable to foreign language and have the learning curve to grasp & accept newer learning challenges. Asides English language pronunciations & delivery is far better than other any Asian or Non-Asian countries.

3).Time Zone: India lies on 5:30 hours ahead on the GMT which gives it an edge to offer services to most of the countries across the globe between 5 to 12 am (19 hours of active time), said that even night hours are served by companies by appointing ambitious staff who is ready to work in night shifts. This equation lets India offer 24×7 services and has become a preferred service provider.

4).Certifications: India has 65% of companies which are CMM level 5 certified and the highest level of ISO 9000 software certified companies. Indian developers are also self-aware and plenty are MS certified or Sitecore certified.

5).Cost-Effectiveness: India cost of living is lower in comparison to developed countries of US, UK & Europe. When the cost of living is lower you get resources at a lesser cost compared to places where the cost of living is higher. It is not limited to resources only, it also extends to the infrastructure and capital investments.

6).Overall Quality: With a technically strong team available at a lesser cost in comparison to your country, without compromising on infrastructure, output and services. Besides getting better service than existing, gives the benefit of better quality along with rich experience to customers.

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