Importance of React Native for Developing Healthcare Applications

iOS and Android applications are extremely popular owing to the proliferation of the smartphone era. Hence businesses seek a wider audience and higher reach by investing in mobile app development for both platforms. Therefore, most application developers prefer cross-platform app development more popular than relying on native app development. Moreover, the quality of medical services […]

React Native – Efficient Recipe Builder for Cross-Platform App Development

Today, building cross-platform mobile applications are becoming more popular. Thanks to the optimum naïve performance offered by sophisticated frameworks such as React Native. In this article, we will discuss how React Native helps in developing an effective cross-platform mobile application. Before we delve deep into the topic, let us first understand React Native and cross-platform […]

Top Four Reasons Why Your Company Should Consider the SaaS Business Model

Like most other technological trends, the “Software as a Service” or the SaaS model entered into the realm of buzzwords, making the term confusing and easy to ignore. Standard software has become outdated since years, and most businesses have started moving towards subscription-based services. Of course, the SaaS model continues to gain traction, and several […]

Offshore Development-Why India

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in recent times. A country with a population of more than 1.3 billion consisting of more than 17 % of the world’s population. This leverages India to supply with a plentiful talent. Highlighting here a few top reasons why India is the preferred hub for outsourcing & offshore […]

Challenges of Offshore Development

Offshore development is an increasing trend, which surfaces challenges observed. Offshore development has major factors like trust and honesty. When you are assigning work to the development team who is not working in your geography tracking of work depends on reports and communication by the team. Hence, the trust of assigner and honest of executioner […]

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